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June 2014 Minutes

Date: 6-16-2014

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Location: Laudenbach’s


Randy Doppler, Kris Doppler, Joe Laudenbach, Jill Laudenbach, Greg Lohse, Wendy Bengtson, Gwen Ledin


Paul-Anoka/Ramsey Boys Travelling Basketball Commissioner


Agenda Item

New Website


Greg gave brief report, site is up and working. High School website provides a link to the new site. Eventually when user clicks from the high school site it will display the new site. Greg asked all board members to create an account so all are able to add content to the site. We will create a space for minutes, team rosters, announcements etc. Using same web host as the youth athletic programs – SportNGIN.
The new website address is:

Action Item(s)

·        Board members to create accounts by next meeting so Greg can apply permissions.

Agenda Item

Anoka Tournament – Gary Gave Contact


Discussed the tournament for this year. Need to invite Gary to Booster meeting early on. Set up front requirements for him to meet. Let him know what we are able to do, providing teams, etc.  We need to ensure communication for the tournament is available to teams-brackets etc. Paul mentioned for minimal cost MYAS will place brackets online and include scores etc. so all have available. This is the way all tournaments are going, we need to be upgraded to this for those attending the tournament.

Action Item(s)

·         Paul to give Joe contact at MYAS for details on online brackets

·         Randy to contact him for meeting to attend. ?

(Do we need to have our requests outlined better before he comes? Sorry, some of these details got lost in the weeds of our conversation, not sure if there were other specifics we wanted him to meet?)

Agenda Item

Scoreboard Fundraising


Last meeting suggestions for fundraising were:

·         5K run

·         Another tournament

Randy gave details around 5K runs are costly and a lot of work. Discussion around how we could possibly do next year. Too late in the season now to get set up and advertise. Paul mentioned that MYAS has tournaments for Spring and Fall Basketball (AAU) to be a host for tournament and you get concession proceeds. Possible way to fundraise without having to plan the tournament and get the teams. They do the setup we just handle the purchasing of concessions, volunteers to work concessions, etc.


Talked about corporate sponsors, brainstormed list of businesses and who will contact:

·         Coca Cola (Joe)

·         McDonalds (Joe)

·         Main Motors (Joe, to ask Carol Dahl, she knows someone there)

·         Anoka Lions?

·         Pentair?

·         Jeff Welle (Paul I think?)

·         Schehr Brothers (Paul)

·       Ramsey Lions (Joe, will get contact from Paul)

·      Letterman’s Club (Randy)

·      Green Valley Greenhouse (Randy)

·      Anoka Tech College & Anoka Ramsey Community College (Curt Slater)


Discussion around having priority of how we want to tackle fundraising. Start with Corporate sponsors first, as they are contacted we will ask for $10,000 amount and go from there. If they can’t do that amount we will discuss different amounts to possibly have multiple corporate sponsors to total the 10,000 amount. Discussed having different levels of corporate sponsors-Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Include the sponsors in the program. Also announce at first season games for additional thank you and advertising for those sponsors.


Scoreboard to be placed possibly along visitor wall above the bleachers. Leaving intact the two scoreboards suspended. This will allow for easier attachment of sponsor names, etc. All up for discussion; not sure style and other details. We need to talk through the options with Gwen Poore.


Need to get the other sports teams involved to donate- Girls Basketball (Curt Slater has already been contacted), Wrestling, Volleyball, Youth Athletic programs.


Speaking points when contacting possible Corporate Sponsors:

Why we need:

·         Existing scoreboard is old – 20+ years

·         Parts are broken, bulbs not working

·         Old technology difficult to repair

·         Impression of the school with old equipment

What’s in it for you:

·         Your business front and center at one of the largest schools in the state

·         Advertise your business reaching hundreds of people every season

·         Marketing strategy

·         Multiple sports teams use the facility: basketball-girls and boys, wrestling, volleyball, many community youth teams house tournaments every year.

·        Sponsors will be included in the program for that sport season

·        Your business announced at first few season home games appreciation for commitment to the school by donating funding for the scoreboard

Could partner with multiple sponsors:

·         Consider smaller donation

·         Advertise along with other sponsors

·         Business still being seen by hundreds every season


A lot of discussion around the way we can raise these funds. First we will go the Corporate Sponsor route, if that is not successful we will look into another tournament and/or sending letters to area businesses, alumni etc. to ask for funding. Also Joe asked about the amount we as Basketball Boosters could contribute. Last year we paid out for a lot of different items that will not be needed for this year. Possibly we can donate a chunk of funds. Wendy gave update on some items from last year.

Action Item(s)

·         Randy and Joe will start to contact sponsors and update at the next meeting. They will connect with Gwen Poore as needed.

·        Randy to ask Gwen Poore when the Advertising contract is up for the black box that scrolls advertising at games. (We can’t have any advertising until that contract is up, could impact timing for scoreboard.)

Agenda Item

Tornado Alley/Sports Shack – Who we will order for team apparel


Discussion around who we will use this year for apparel. Randy gave update, Tohm would like to use Tornado Alley which will allow for purchases all year long instead of only one time purchase. Also to use Anoka business to supply for us.


We discussed possible donation from them for scoreboard also.

Action Item(s)


Agenda Item

Parent Night/Senior Night


Combining these two ‘event’ and only have Senior players and parents honored. Will save $$ allowing us to put funds elsewhere.

Action Item(s)


Agenda Item

Treasurer Update


·         Wendy gave update we received $625 for our concession volunteer hours.

·         Camp fees received for Anoka camp, MEB checks two received so far

·         Need to add detail for the Camp registration form next year-missing information

Action Item(s)

Add missing details to form for next year


Next meeting:

Monday  - July 14, 2014 at Wendy Bengtson’s  572 Kennedy Street, Anoka