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August 2015

August Booster Minutes


Date: 8-19-15

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Willy McCoys Banquet Room


Ryan Tohm, Wendy Bengtson, Rich Bengtson, Paul Lombard, Kerri Sutton, Paul Hilborn, Mike Pietersen, Troy Larson, Randy Sieben, Jon Halter, Greg Lohse, Sally Lombard

Agenda Item

July Minutes


July Minutes were reviewed; Motion to approve by P.Lombard; 2nd by R. Sieben ; Motion passes  Minutes approved and to be posted to website.

Action Item(s):


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Treasurer’s Report-Wendy Bengtson


$18,863.15 in checking account as of end of July.  In regard to our budget:

Cash In:  $975 for Armstrong League

                $1430 for ARCC League

                $6500 in camp revenue - $600 shy of breaking even

                $3535 for MEB which all gets paid out to instructors etc

                $900 from Decca for concessions during basketball games

Cash Out:  $995 for new Scoreboard

                   $346 for shooting straps

                   $645 for website subscription renewals

                   $140 for Incorporation fees with the State of MN

In all we have spent about $1000 more than we have taken in.  Plan is to spend wisely until our tournament. Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by PL; 2nd by Tohm; motion passes; report approved.

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Uniforms-Coach Tohm  & Board


Uniforms are squared away.  The cost came to $74/uniform = $148/set x 36 sets.  The Boosters will pay `$1900 for the difference which is right on with the amount we had approved for Coach Tohm to go ahead and order.  These are Under Armor Uniforms and will have “Tornadoes” printed on the leg of the shorts at no extra cost.  Discussion centered around some way to wash the uniforms at school with the Managers – but it was decided that we wouldn’t’ be able to efficiently get this done.  We will trust kids/parents to maintain the uniforms.

Also, there is $800 in our budget for coaches apparel.  The school does not supply coaches  with apparel. 

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Marketing-Paul Hilborn


P.Hilborn proposed a tentative schedule of events for half time activities etc for all home games.  Nothing is set in stone yet and we are able to move events around to better fit our schedule.  A few things in the line up:  Youth night with a few half time games for the ARAA youth,State Farm elvis Contest,  Pep Band, Girls gymnastics,  and contests – TBD.

We also have a possibility of playing a game at the Target Center.  Tohm will be getting more information on this.

Discussion centered around ways to let students enter games for free.  P.Hilborn talked with G.Poore and only senior citizens will be allowed into the games for free.(It is a district thing….)

There will be a ‘Luxury Box Seat’ that will be mounted to the bleachers at center court on the visitors side front row.  This seat will have a dedicated attendant.  Now, how do we assign the seat?  Raffle, assign parents?  Ideas still forthcoming.  P.Hilborn asked for reimbursement for the luxury seat and a sculpture of a tornado for the school that he is working on.  P.Lombard made a motion to reimburse Hilborn for $150.00; motion 2nd by board; motion carries.

Action Item(s):

Ongoing with P.Hilborn & Board




Agenda Item

Fall League Report-Greg Lohse


We have 2 leagues for the fall – MYAS & Breakdown.  As of today, 29 players are signed up for Breakdown with a known 5 more that haven’t signed up but will.  Looks like we will enter teams at these levels:

1 - 9th grade

1 – JV

2 – Varsity

Coach Tohm will make rosters and try to fill out the teams where we need a few more players.  Cost is $460/team.  P.Lombard motions to spend $1840 to register for Fall Breakdown League; 2nd G.Lohse; motion carries.

Tohm has tentative coaches lined up for Breakdown – games are played on Sundays.  9th grade is early morning, JV is late morning and Varsity is after that.   P.Lombard motions to pay each coach $250 to coach the Breakdown league; 2nd K.Sutton & R.Sieben; motion carries.

Early Fall League – MYAS – has only 10 registered to date.  It is also a very wide variety and levels of player.  Some who could play have not yet registered.  Registration is 2 weeks before games start.  League runs from end of September to October. There are 3 games on Sundays and is played tournament style.  We do have some time yet to get registration filled.  It would be great to get 2 teams at least.  Fee is based on playing all 4 Sundays = $125.  If we only play one or two Sundays we can charge $25/player for those who play.

Action Item(s):

Continue to register players for MYAS

Agenda Item

Key Dates and General Discussion-Coach Tohm


Parent Meetings:

November 12th will be our parent meeting.  Tohm will set up pictures for before the meeting.  Remember to invite the cheerleaders for pictures. A Work schedule for the tournament will be available for players/parents to sign up for their tournament volunteer shifts.

November 21st is the St. Cloud Jamboree – we will need a bus to and from.

Tohm would like to add The Noah Shooting System at some point.  If our tournament goes as well as last year we can consider purchasing it.  The cost is around $4600.  This could also potentially be a good advertising point for camps.


This years coaches will be:

Head Coach – Ryan Tohm

Varsity Asst. – Tim Sparstad

Varsity Asst. – Sheridan Johnson – 100% Volunteer

JV Coach – Boline

10th Grade – Lomumba Ismail

9A – Josh Underbakke

9B – Ryan Wynn


MEB Camp – Numbers were down this year. Camp was held the last week before football started. Next year it will be at the end of May.


There may still be some players at the beginning of the season that will need a practice jersey.  They will have to purchase them.


P.Lombard motions to adjourn; 2nd by R.Tohm; meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Action Item(s):

Ongoing with board

Next Meeting:                  September 14                                 AHS Room S108                                                                   6:30 pm