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2017-2018 Anoka Boys Basketball


THANK YOU to the players, families,

coaches, managers, cheerleaders and fans



Varsity Team Poster & Schedule for 2017-2018.

2017-2018 Team Captains

2017-2018 Varsity

2017-2018 Squad B Team

2017-2018 Freshman Team

    How to lead a basketball team?

    Leading a basketball team to success requires a combination of strong communication and motivational skills. Effective team leaders must be able to create a game plan, create strategies, build relationships with their players, and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each player. They must also be able to make decisions in the heat of the moment and manage the team in order to win.

    What is the cheapest way to get your sports cards graded?

    Grading sports cards is a way to preserve a card's condition and value. A cheaper way to get your cards graded is to use a third-party grading service. These services offer a range of options, including quick turnaround times, authentication, and insurance. Keywords: grading, sports cards, third-party, options, authentication, insurance.

    What are some dumb rules in basketball?

    Basketball is a game filled with intense competition and strategy, but some of the rules can be quite ridiculous. For example, goaltending is when a defensive player touches the ball on its descent to the basket, which is considered a violation. Another silly rule is that a player who runs out of bounds to save a loose ball retains possession, even if a defender is in the closest proximity. Furthermore, a player is not allowed to touch the ball after it has been inbounded, even if it is only for a split second. Keywords: basketball, goaltending, out of bounds, inbound, possession.

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    Star Tribune Basketball Hub

    This is a link to the Star Tribune Basketball Hub which contains statistics for our Varsity team, records, news and rankings.

    Anoka Tornadoes Boys Basketball Facebook Page