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June Booster Minutes


Date: 6-8-15

Time: 6:30 – 8pm

Location: Anoka High School Room S108


Paul Lombard, Ryan Tohm, Paul Hilborn, Kerri Sutton, Wendy Bengtson, Sally Lombard


Agenda Item

Approval of May Minutes: Board


P. Lombard made a motion to correct the mistake in the minutes – Header said ‘April Booster Minutes” when it should have said ‘May Booster Minutes”  S. Lombard 2nd, motion passed, minutes corrected.

Agenda Item

Financial Report: Wendy Bengtson & Paul Lombard


$25,945.48 in our checking account.  Upcoming expenses include:

$995 for Scoreboard

$1100 for Armstrong League – (Almost broke even)

~$1600 for ARCC Registration – this is for 3 teams

$140 to Paul Lombard for Incorporation

$645.38 to Greg Lohse for website subscription renewals

Incoming funds:

$900 from DECCA from the concession stand

Going forward – we won’t quite know how our budget is set until we go through our next tournament. 

S.Lombard makes a motion to pass Treasurer’s Report; P.Lombard 2nds; motion passes; approved.

Action Item(s):


Agenda Item

Uniforms- Coach Tohm


The plan to purchase close-out uniforms for the 9th & 10th graders will not work L Close-outs were out of stock.  New plan is to use last year’s varsity uniforms for the 9th graders and purchase new uniforms for the 10th, JV, & Varsity teams.  That is around 36 uniforms and the booster club will still kick in ~$2000 as previously discussed.  P.Lombard made a motion for uniforms “not to exceed $2500 towards the purchase of 10th, JV, & Varsity Uniforms” K. Sutton 2nd, motion passes and coach can purchase uniforms anytime now.

Action Item(s)

Coach Tohm to purchase uniforms

Agenda Item

AHS Boys Basketball Summer Camp- Coach Tohm & Paul Lombard


So far we have $5,560 in registrations for camp.  Great turnout for the High Schoolers – Youth turnout was much lighter than anticipated.   Next year we will consolidate flyer for youth & high school and include the waiver right on the flyer.  The jerseys for camp and for the upcoming season cost ~$1000. And the camp t shirts will be in the $400-$500 range. Money raised by registrations will cover these expenses and the coaches earnings as well.  There will be a check in table the first day of camp with extra waivers and sign up forms.

Noah Clinic – is free for players to attend.  The Noah machine helps measure the arc of players shots.  It could land in the $5,000 range with installation.  Discussion centered on inviting the Girls Basketball Coaches to try it out as well.  Maybe if coach thinks it is a worthwhile tool – Boys and Girls Basketball booster clubs could potentially split the cost?

Action Item(s)


Agenda Item

Tournament Planning-Paul Lombard


We are still trying to figure out gym space for the tournament.  Coach Tohm has secured Champlin Park HS for Sunday’s games.  That gives us 6 basketball courts.  The Champlin Girls Gymnastics team will put in volunteer hours and we will donate in some way to the Gymnastics program.  Concessions will be crazy to manage at 3 locations.  So far looks like we have this gym space:

AHS for Saturday and Sunday

CPHS for Sunday and possibly Saturday

AMSA (Fred Moore) for parts of Saturday and Sunday

LOL for Sunday – we may drop this location if we can secure CPHS for both days

Action Item(s)

Ongoing with the board

Agenda Item

Game Events-Paul Lombard & Paul Hilborn


Paul Hilborn will get together a list of ideas for events at games during the season and present them to the board at the next Booster meeting.

Areas of Focus:

Singing of the National Anthem

Pep Band Commitment

Half Time Events – we have 12 home games to plan events for

Coaches vs Cancer – do we still want to carry on this event? 

Some type of event – Alumni Game possibly – to recognize State Farm –Troy Beckman- for their continuing support of our program.  Maybe the 25th Anniversary of the State Title?

Action Item(s)

Paul Hilborn to present at next Booster Meeting

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm  Next booster Club Meeting is Monday, July 13th @6:30 pm AHS room S108