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September 2013 Minutes

10 attendees; Coach Tohm and Athletic Director, Gwendolyn Poore were present


  1. Fall League (Kris and Dawn)

    1. St. Michael/Albertville Breakdown was selected

    2. Sunday only games on Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3, 10.

    3. 2 games per day

    4. $50 check payable to Anoka Boosters is due

    5. There will be 2 teams with no practices and no coach. There will be a parent for the 9th grade team.

  2. Activity List (Joe)

    1. Still looking for volunteers

  3. Anoka Classic

    1. We will get in Friday night to set up

    2. Check into changing Saturday’s game with Cambridge to Friday

    3. Check into using Social Studies kids or Honor Society to help if needed

    4. Cost for gyms and concession stand at Oakview last year totaled $888

  4. Coaches for Cancer

    1. We need the date

    2. Wendy will check into the local reps name.


      The next meeting will be October 14 at 6:00 at Anoka High School (Room S106).