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November 2015


Date: 11-12-15

Time: 6-8:30 pm

Location: AHS Room S108


Wendy Bengtson, Kerri Sutton, Mike Pietersen, Paul Hilborn, Sally Lombard, Paul Lombard, Ryan Tohm


Agenda Item:

Approval of Minutes


Motion to approve minutes by P.Lombard; 2nd K.Sutton; motion passes; October Minutes approved

Agenda Item:

Game Time Events-P.Hilborn


There will be a change of date for the Alumni game 1/2/16 – due to availability of alumni being able to attend.  Possibly switch dates with the youth dance line/cheerleaders.

Score Against Cancer:

Discussion centered around how to sponsor a player: by point, by game, or flat rate donation.  Signs will be posted in the school – 2 posters. We will announce this event at the parent meeting.  Sell seat cushions that will be assigned a number.  Every time someone comes to the game, they register their seat cushion and their name will go in as many times as they have registered it for a drawing.  The money raised by the seat cushions will go towards the cancer fund.  There are 120 seat cushions to sell at approx. $2/ea.  Do All Printing gave Paul H. $100 of free printing for the cushions.


Still waiting for other programs to respond if they would like to be in the program or not – Cheerleaders, Band, & Wrestling.  We hope to add these – more value for advertisers.  We would like to add the ARAA youth teams if they have their pictures done in time.

Action Item(s):

Program: done before start of season. Events: ongoing thru season

Agenda Item:

Parent Meeting-P.Lombard & R.Tohm


Players will be fed at 5pm in Boline’s room.  We will bring in 30 pizzas and drinks.  Meeting will start at 6pm for Freshmen.  10th – Varsity meeting will start at 7:15pm.  All of the paperwork packets; Photo Release, Emergency Information, Contact Information, Tornado Tributes – will be put together by S.Lombard and will be ready to hand out at the meeting.

Action Item(s):

S.Lombard will have packets ready for meeting.  Coach will order pizzas.  W.Bengtson will pick pizzas up and pay for them. 




Agenda Item:

Team Building – R.Tohm & P.Lombard


Coach would like to do some team bonding events.  Idea that came to mind: Xbox Tournament with pizzas after the Bemidji game.  We will definitely feed the boys after the game.  As for the team bonding –plans still forthcoming.  Also talked of a Motivational Speaker. Possibly after the team JV/Varsity comes back from St. Cloud.


St. Cloud Scrimmages:

Bus will leave at 9 am for JV/Varsity.  Return around 3 pm.  Food provided for the ride back.


Motion made by P.Lombard to provide leadership/mentoring training for JV/Varsity at Coach Tohms discretion.  2nd P.Hilborn


Motion made by P.Lombard for fun team event after Bemidji game; 2nd P.Hilborn


Motions pass.

Action Item(s):

Ongoing with Board

Agenda Item:

Financial Update-P.Lombard & W.Bengtson


As of today:  $17,059 in checking account.

Payments that went out(not counted against balance as of today):


Coach Sparstad

MYAS Fall Ball League

Still to pay out:

Coach Engen

Refund for 9th parent


Upcoming Expenses:

Tournament – concession supplies, refs, Gary G.

St. Michael League – coaches

Coaches salaries for the season- totaling $4300.00


Also discussed getting the managers some gear to wear to the games. Also need for a new camera to record games and to transfer film to Huddl.  Motion by P.Lombard to spend no more than $350 for HD camera; 2nd W.Bengtson; motion approved.



Continued on next page:


We will need a new bank account before the tournament.  R. Moser will do our taxes pro bono.  We will have to file a 1023 EZ this year.


Action Item(s):

P.Lombard & W.Bengtson to set up a new checking account.

Agenda Item:

Tournament Update- P.Lombard


Tournament will be hosted at 2 locations.  Will be much smaller than last year’s tournament.  We will have a pre-tournament meeting to make sure we have all of our supplies, duties, etc ready to go for tournament weekend.

Action Item(s):

P.Lombard plans the pre-tournament meeting

Agenda Item:

Open Discussion


On 11/28 the Sophomore team will have a game at ARCC at 2:10pm

On 2/4 possibly have the team stop at Culvers on the way from Elk River for a team meal.


P.Lombard motions to adjourn, 2nd K.Sutton, adjourned