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December 2015


Date: 12-15-15

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Location:  AHS Room S108


Randy Sieben, Greg Lohse, Gina Halter, Ryan Tohm, Troy Larson, Kerri Sutton, Wendy Bengtson, Paul Lombard, Sally Lombard

Agenda Item

Financial Update-Wendy Bengtson


$23,746 in new checking acct.

$3,800 in old checking acct.  Once all checks written on this acct have cleared, this acct will be closed. After all tournament expenses have been paid, we estimate our account balance to be around $13,000

Upcoming Expenses:

$1968 for uniforms

Coolers for water at game time

Team Meal from Culvers

Leadership Training

Gym time at LOL

Booster club has paid for 4 shooter shirts


$2000 for programs

DECCA concessions at end of school year

ARAA donation for running scoreboards at ARAA tournament

Motion to approve budget – motion made, not recorded in secy notes who approved!

Agenda Item

Approval of Minutes


Motion to approve made by Paul L. 2nd, Wendy B. minutes pass.  Also noted that minutes need to be updated on the website.

Agenda Item

Tournament Update-Paul Lombard


Tournament went well.  Few complaints.  Parent help and player help was great! All in all tournament was a success.

Agenda Item

Team Meal, Upcoming Senior Night & Holiday schedule


Team meal provided by Culvers went well.  Food was great and something different than pizza!  Culvers is willing to help us out with food anytime!

Upcoming SR. Night-

Discussion centered around what to do for this event:  pictures, blankets?, How many senior cheerleaders do we have?  Date is set for Feb 2nd.

Holiday Schedule –

Email reminder for practices for holiday week needs to be sent.  Dec. 23rd will be a day off of practice from coach!  In discussing email – Greg L. will check into the cost of ‘owning’ an email address for our program.  Basically an inbox that can have several eyes on it and can respond from that email address.

Jan. 1st will be practice and then bowling!  Team will go to Superbowl for team bonding and food will be served there.

Agenda Item

Sr. Project – Jackson Sutton


Jackson and a few others would like to have a halftime ½ court shot with the money raised going to the Randy Shaver Cancer Fund.  $1/shot – preferably on a night with youth teams there.  Jackson plans on having gift cards available as prizes as well.

Motion to adjourn made by Greg L., 2nd Kerri S. Meeting adjourned ~ 8:30 pm