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September 2015

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 9/14/2015

Group Name:  Anoka Boys Basketball Booster Club

Attendees:  Wendy Bengtson, Coach Tohm, Troy Larson, Greg Lohse, Paul Hilborn, Kerri Sutton, Mike Pieterson





Approve August Minutes


Did not have a copy for review

Treasurer’s report


Wendy provided a copy of the current spreadsheet for the budget, $2000 for the ARAA Camp came in and went right back out. Not everyone has paid yet for MYAS and/or Breakdown league. Wendy provides Paul Lombard with a copy of the monthly statement for review.

Program and Events Update


  • Paul H. provided a copy of the home game schedule and the proposed planned events. Jazz band has committed to two home games, we will have a live anthem a few times, and more special events are being planned for half time.
  • Paul H. said the tornado sculpture is done, Gwen is working on a time for it to be installed in front of the fieldhouse.
  • Paul H. made a motion to change the cancer fundraiser to benefit the Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund, Troy seconded the motion. All agreed. This will give us an opportunity to fundraise for a local charity that will benefit local families.
  • Randy Shaver has agreed to attend our first home game 11/24 for a fundraiser kickoff.
  • Coach Tohm will email the photographer that we work with for basketball photos to see if we can get him on the schedule for photos the same day as parent night, so we can start working on the program ASAP. Paul H. will connect with the sponsors from last year to see if they are willing to commit again.

Key Dates and Volunteer schedule


Dates to get on the online calendar:

  • FMSC (is this 11/14?)
  • MYAS league dates and practice date (remove 9/20 game information)
  • Team bonding event once scheduled
  • Team and individual photos (11/12?)
  • St. Cloud one day tournament (is this 11/21?)
  • Tryout schedule (11/9 – 11/12?)
  • Fundraiser tournament (if only to serve as a ‘save the dates’ type of thing!)

Tax preparation


Does anyone know an accountant who could consult with us? Wendy will follow up with a parent who is an accountant.

Fall Leagues


  • MYAS dates we are committed to: 9/27, 10/4, 10/11. Cost will be $100.00 ($25/Sunday and $25 for the coach from each player.)
  • Coach Tohm will talk to Coach Engen to schedule a practice for 9/20. He will send a message to the league participants with this information tonight. Coach Engen will send an email to Greg to update the website with the time of the practice and the MYAS dates. Questions about MYAS should go to Coach Engen. Registration for MYAS has closed, but if players express interest, we could create a sub list.
  • The Breakdown league has 37 registrants, and we feel we can field 5 teams, one 9th grade, two JV and two Varsity level. Greg will connect with Paul L. and contact the Breakdown to see if we can add a team to the C-level JV. If so, there are a few players who have expressed interest in playing who have not registered, and they will be contacted.
  • Greg will send Wendy a list of those registered for both fall leagues so she has a current spreadsheet to track payments.

Apparel Update


  • Sally sent Coach Tohm some artwork for the shooter shirts. He showed us the design, all were impressed. We are going to go through Rebyl. Coach Tohm will connect with Sally to move it along. Question: Is there going to be an online store for people to order the shooter shirts (and other apparel if we want,) like last year?
  • The uniforms have been ordered along with the coach gear.
  • Discussed having a special jersey for a one night special event (does not have to be an official jersey but perhaps a mock jersey for a black-out night, for example.) The special ‘jersey’ could either be kept by the player as a memento, or returned to be used the next year.

Fundraiser tournament


  • Elk River and North St. Paul are having tournaments the same weekend we are.
  • Coach will connect with Paul Lombard about possibly having a one day 9th grade tournament while the rest of the teams have a two day tournament. He feels that it may be well received by coaches all over the state to get their 9th grade teams playing together this early in the season. It would be a guaranteed 3 games, in one day, so if teams travel they would not have to stay overnight. He has a list of coaches all over the state that he can connect with. Paul can connect with Gary to see if that would be OK.
  • We recommend that we consider fundraising for the Randy Shaver Fund during this tournament. This would open it up to get donations from families all over the cities, not just the Anoka families that attend home games. Paul H. will connect with Randy Shaver to see if they have something we can place at the tournament locations to accept donations (suggest putting it by the brackets.) We would not push or solicit donations, just have it there for people to voluntarily donate.

Add on – other business


  • Coach Tohm would like approval to send coaches to a coaching clinic at the end of October. He will send an email with more information.
  • It was suggested that we have a team bonding event at the beginning of the season rather than the end of the season. Coach will look into that. FMSC is scheduled for the Saturday of the week of tryouts for those who make the team.