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March 2014 Minutes

Parent's Night
a.  Great event - thanks Jill!

Scorer's Table
a.  Looks great - thanks Paul!
b.  Looking towards stats scoreboards - $8,000 to add to scoreboard.  Could be hung on the cement wall or where
  it is.  $15,000 for a new scoreboard.

a.  There was some confusion over the Feb. 21 game cancellation.  Parents might want to sign up for the
Northwest Suburban Conference site notifications.  They will send you an email or text letting you know when
things are changed.

a.  Everyone needs to RSVP with a check to Anoka Boosters in the mail to Wendy Bengtson at 572 Kennedy
  Street, Anoka 55303.  If the player only will attend an email is fine at [email protected].
b.  Carol will send out reminder emails.
c.  We will invite Jim Trewin and Gary Gave.
d.  Wendy will let Carol know what time we can set up.
e.  Carol will get flowers for the cheerleaders (Jill will talk to them about whether they are coming or not).
f.   DVD - Greg Lohse is making it.
g.  Paul Hilborn is making a tornado to decorate the front.
h.  Joelle Dahl will work on table decorations.
i.  We need:  tables labeled for each team, 1 for coaches, manager, cheerleaders
j.  Awards:  Coach will deal with these and has a budget of $150.

a. Randy will talk about opportunities with Coah and there will be a handout at the banquet.
b.  Coach will text and send an email about AAU opportunities.
c.  Sign-up sheets will be available at the banquet.  Greg Lohse will work with Coach.
d.  Anoka Camp June 15-19 (needs to be discussed with AD).
e.  Working on dates for MEB camp
f.  It was suggested that Coach talk to AD about having the floors varnished in August when the players can't
have contact with coaches anyway.