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July Booster Minutes


Date: 7-13-2015

Time: 6-8:30 pm

Location: Willy Mccoys Banquet Room


Sally Lombard, Kerri Sutton, Mike Pietersen, Paul Hilborn, Troy Larson, Greg Lohse, Wendy Bengtson, Randy Seiben, Paul Lombard, Ryan Tohm

Agenda Item

Approval of June Minutes - Board


Motion to approve made by K. Sutton; 2nd by P. Hilborn; motion passed; minutes approved.

Action Item(s)


Agenda Item

Financial Update-Wendy Bengtson


Current Check Book Balance is $24,789.  Expenses that have not yet cleared through our account are:  Coaches checks

         Armstrong League - $1100

         Bemidji Bus - $1375 (actual expense incurred from last season)

After these expenses clear our account there will be approximately $19,000 in our checking acct.  Looking ahead, coaches salary expense should remain the same as last year ~$4300.  We need to make some budget projections on the banquet cost, team parties, revenue/expense on program and look at creating an IT budget.  Huddl bill will come around the middle of the season.  Also waiting on bids for uniforms to see where our expenditure lies.

Motion to approve budget made by G. Lohse; 2nd by R. Tohm; motion passed; budget approved.

Action Item(S)


Agenda Item

Event Planning-Paul Hilborn


Ideas for plotting events for our home games:

Co-mingle with other booster clubs may be a good way to coordinate for a half time event.  Ex: gymnastics team at half time.  Brings in parents, family, friends and supports other programs in our school.  At this time, hard to schedule these types of things as other groups do not have their schedules set yet so this will be a work in progress all season.  Coach Tohm will talk to other coaches for reciprocity –ie your players come to our game, we will go to yours kind of thing.

Other suggestions for half time events: ARAA traveling teams, Prep Band, Contests, local singers for National Anthem, Guest Speakers, celebrate the Anniversary of the state Championship Team 20+ years ago, & Dunk contest.

Discussion centered around Coaches vs Cancer (CVC) – we need a big idea to make it more meaningful also, start collecting donations at the beginning of the season vs just one night.  Do we stick with the American Cancer Society or do we go with a local charity.  There are other needs in the community such as Hope for Youth etc.  Do we continue on with CVC and add a local charity for another event.  Also, discussion of DECCA taking over CVC as a project and then we as a board could focus on an event for a local charity. 

Discussion centered around the ‘T shirt = Free Admission’ for the season.  We would like to offer this as an alternative to paying at the gate and to allow kids to purchase this t shirt which would allow them to attend all home games for the season.  P.Hilborn will check with G. Poore on the district guidelines for this and if we are able to do this idea.  Also, the possibility of combining with other sports so the t shirt could be worn for more than just admission to basketball games.   An idea also came up about creating a ‘Basketball Fan club’ where students could get a sticker on the back of their student ID which would allow them admission to the games.

Tentative date/planning for the alumni game could be Jan. 2nd.  We have a Saturday home game which would allow college students who are home on break to participate.  Also prevents this game from being played after a 7 pm varsity game in which fans do not tend to stick around for.

Lastly, as a board, we need to be somewhat cautious with our planning to keep demand on our board members at a manageable level. 

Action Item(s)

Have dates nailed down for events as much as possible by the Sept. meeting



Agenda Item

Tournament Update-Paul Lombard


Few things that need to be done: 

Send an email blast to all parents/guardians of players about working the tournament.  It is expected for all to work their shift.

Talk to Champlin Gymnastics and see what they would like for their program – cash donation, some type of equipment etc that we can give them for helping us out during the tournament.

Talk to Gary G. about how many teams he has scheduled so far and if he will allow us to use MYAS for the brackets.

Action Item(s)

Paul L. continuing to work on all above

Agenda Item

Uniforms-Coach Tohm


Coach has submitted the uniform order to G. Poore.  She will bid that order out and get back to us.  Discussion around sizes – we opted to go low numbers on the Smalls and XXLs and then order more of the M through XL sizes.

Shooter shirt discussion – Sally L. will be in charge of the shooter shirt design/theme etc with Coaches approval.  Sally will also be getting together the ‘gear’ for sale, working on an online store, and making sure that all apparel will be available in a timely manner once the season starts.

Action Item(s)

Coach Tohm will let us know about the bid and cost to the Booster Club.  S. Lombard will update everyone on shooters/apparel/ etc.

Agenda Item

General Discussion


A few additional topics brought up at the meeting:

*Send an email blast to parents about the upcoming MEB camp.

*Youth Camp update – Youth numbers were low this year so consider doing a joint registration so incoming youth know that the youth camp and open gym are available for them all.  Not just a ‘do one and not the other’ type thing which is what we suspect some families may have thought.

*Fall teams – time frame is usually Sundays in September and most of October.  Breakdown league and MYAS Supersavers are what we will look at participating in.  No practices just games on Sundays.  We need a few coaches for Breakdown league and the board is supportive of paying fall coaches – Tohm will check into that and G. Lohse will get the ball rolling for Fall leagues when the time comes.

*Suggestion for next year – May of 2016 do a Player/Parent Meeting for the incoming 9th graders to ensure that the information for basketball as well as the expectations are laid out for incoming players and parents.

Action Items(s)



P.Lombard motions to adjourn; R. Tohm 2nds; meeting adjourns at 8:30 pm

Next Board Meeting:   August 10   6:30 pm   Anoka High School Room 108S